Charcuterie And Cheese

Any one meat or cheese £3.50

Any 2 £6.25

Any 3 £8.75

Any 4 £11.00

Any 5 £13.00

Any 6 £14.75


Served with Manzanilla and black Hojiblanca olives, pickled guindillas, sourdough bread and oil

Montanegra Ibérico Cebo Jamón

Carved from the bone. The Record Café speciality

Cecina Nieto I.G.P

Slow-dried smoke-cured beef

Somalo Lomo Extra

Air-dried fillet

Montanegra Ibérico Salchichon

Hand-filled cured sausage

Montanegra Ibérico Chorizo

Hand-filled cured sausage

Montanegra Ibérico Morcon

Large, cured smoked sausage


Served with Quince paste and sourdough bread

La Tradicion Cured Manchego D.O.

Full-bodied, free-range sheep's milk (P)

J. Aranburu Smoked Idiazabal

Basque cheese handmade with ‘Latxa’ sheep’s raw milk (UnP)

Rebollin Afuega ‘I Pitu Cider Fusion

Creamy with natural cider and cows milk (P)

Montbru Garrotxa

Buttery textured, goats cheese (P)

Serramunt Blau de Capri

Very soft, goats milk (P)


Tomato and Jamón £5.00

Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes, topped with hand sliced Montanegra Ibérico ham and olive oil (G)

Tomato and Anchovy £5.00

Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes, topped with award winning Cantabrico anchovies and olive oil (G)

Goats Cheese £5.00

Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes, topped with Montbru Garrotxa goats cheese, sliced piquillo peppers and balsamic glaze (G)

Pan Con Tomate mixed £6.50

A portion each of Pan Con Tomate y Jamón, Tomate y Anchoa and Tomate y Manchego

Lardo £4.00

Cured back fat from Iberian black pigs. Served on toasted sourdough with rosemary, grated lemon zest, cracked black pepper, chopped walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil (G)


Roast Piquillo Peppers £1.00

Sourdough, oil, balsamic (G)

£1.50Mixed Olives £1.75

Pickled Chillies £2.00


Alvear Fino 2.50 | 4.75

Alvear Medium 3.90 | 5.50

Alvear PX 1927 4.00 | 7.50

Bar Snacks

Pork Scratchings (G) £1.20

Hot & Fiery Pork Crackling £1.20

Fried Broad Beans £1.25

Toasted Giant Corn £1.25

Jamón Bites £2.50

Fried Valencia Almonds £2.75

Mussels £3.50

Mini Cocktail Fuet (G) £3.95

G – Contains Gluten | V – Vegetarian | P Pasteurised | UnP – Unpasteurised
Please advise us if you have any food allergies
As all the meats are hand sliced to order, there may be a wait at busy periods

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