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The Record Café: End of year review part 1

So much has happened in 2016 it's difficult to know where to begin when trying to review the year. But all we're really bothered about is the important stuff - beer and music. So, with just two weeks left until 2017 we're all picking our top 5 records and beers from the last 12 months. And then, next week, we'll have our complete guide to the best albums of 2016. In our opinion of course.**



Charles Bradley - Changes

David Bowie - Blackstar

Animal Collective - Painting With

NOFX - First Ditch Effort

The Monkees - Good Times


Northern Monk - Dark Arches

Stone Brewing - Stone IPA

Beavertown - Lupoloid

North Riding - Waterpistol

Ska Brewing - Modus Hoperandi



Suede - Night Thoughts

Band of Skulls - By Default

School of Seven Bells - Sviib

Bloc Party - Hymns

Jack White - Acoustic Recordings


Flying Dog - Carolina Reaper

Yeastie Boys - Gunnamatta

Magic Rock - Salty Kiss

Wild Beer - Millionaire Milk Stout

Mad Hatter - Tzatziki Sour



David Bowie - Black Star "A wonderfully planned, emotional album"

Divine Comedy - Forever Land "A reminder of growing up'

Violent Femmes - We Can Do Anything

The Dandy Warhols - Distortland

Charles Bradley - Changes "Just great"


Durham Brewery - Framboise "A refreshing summer drink, which reminded me of 'monkey blood' on ice cream sundaes"

Sonnet 43 - Create These Moments " Christmas in a glass"

Northern Monk - Eternal "A great refreshing drink"

North Riding - Rum and Raisin Porter "Does exactly what is says on the label'

Wild Beer - Millionaire "A sweet, lovely pint. Just fantastic"



Divine Comedy - Forever Land "Having not listened to them for years, it was wonderful to hear that Neil Hannon can still make witty and exciting music"

David Bowie - Black Star "Extraordinary"

Temperance Movement - White Bear "Straight up rock album. Love it!"

Seasick Steve - Keepin' The Horse Between me and the Ground " There's something raw, haunting about this. It's what I imagine him playing by himself before he became famous"

Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis "The stand out album of 2016. No band is more exciting and experimental. Seeing them live this year was a special moment"


Wild Weather - Strawberries and Dream "My favourite dessert turned into a beer, so it was always going be a winner"

Northern Monk - Eternal "Go to beer. What ever the mood, a half of Eternal will sort you out"

Vocation - Life and Death "Wonderful beer. Full of flavour, and at 6.5% it'll put hairs on your eyeballs"

Sonnet 43 - Bourbon Milk Stout "Simply one of the finest dark beers I've ever had"

Bull Finch - Alpha West Coast IPA "It's got a kick like a mule"

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As of Sunday 22nd March 2020 we are on temporary shutdown until the current corona virus situation is resolved.


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